Bugs in Windows 10 force users to buy Microsoft 365

Bugs in Windows 10 “force” users to buy Microsoft 365

Some Windows 10 users noticed that a full-screen advertising window appeared with a suggestion to subscribe to the Microsoft 365 cloud service. The ad itself is nothing new, but the problem is that the window cannot be closed due to an error. When the user clicks the unenroll button, they are presented with a form to enter bank card details that will be charged for Microsoft 365.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Microsoft periodically uses its operating system to promote other products like OneDrive and Microsoft 365. The developers explain this approach with a desire to do this “Windows is even better”Helping users discover new opportunities. In addition, the software giant is urging users to sync their Android smartphones with Windows and use Microsoft accounts.

According to the source, Microsoft has released Windows 10 (22H2) with an undocumented bug that is preventing some users from closing the Microsoft 365 service ad window. At the bottom of this window are the “Try it free” and “No thanks” buttons. . . When you click the “No thanks” button, the display should close and open access to the desktop, but it doesn’t. At the same time, a form will appear for the user to enter bank card details, from which money will later be debited to pay for a subscription to Microsoft 365.

    Image source: Reddit

Image source: Reddit

At the same time, you can close the window by clicking on the “Try for free” button. Apparently, the bug has confused buttons and their corresponding functions, putting users in a difficult position. Microsoft officials have not yet commented on this issue. It’s likely that the bug that prevents users from closing the Microsoft 365 ad window will be fixed at a later date.

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