Bro spent his lifetime of luck on a game A

“Bro spent his lifetime of luck on a game”: A CS:GO player was saved from certain death by a passing enemy bomb

Fans of the online shooter CS:GO recently witnessed a shot for a million, now the higher powers of the community presented a dramatic battle between the player and four opponents at once, in which the main character became a bomb.

    Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

It happened on April 30 in the final moments of the recorded game Few_readiness_3700. His agent team led the confrontation with the Phoenix unit with a score of 15:14 but risked losing the climax round.

At the beginning of the video posted by Few_Willingness_3700, he was left alone against four Separatists on the Inferno map. The player taking cover at Bomb Site B armed with an MP5-SD is waiting for a group of three enemies.

After shooting down the bomb carrier, the player switches to an AWP-wielding Phoenixkay terrorist. He noticed the agent earlier, but the fatal shot was blocked by a bomb flying by from the back of a fallen partner.

Few_Willingness_3700 wastes no time and kills Phoenixkay and the third Separatist and then manages to shoot the last enemy with his AK-47. As if that wasn’t enough, at the end of the round the player only had one unit of health left.

Comments on Reddit noted Few_Willingness_3700’s incredible luck. PsychoMUCH users in a nutshell summarized: “Bro spent his lifetime of luck on one game”.

It’s worth noting that the flying bomb isn’t the only object that managed to block an AWP shot in CS:GO. In the past, players’ “rescuers” managed to visit and visit well-aimed snipers grenadeAnd Sapper set.

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