British company may sue Google over titles in YouTube shorts

British company may sue Google over titles in YouTube shorts section

Google is embroiled in a legal battle that could force it to rebrand its YouTube Shorts division, which is positioned as a direct competitor to TikTok and Facebook/Instagram Reels.

    Image source: Christian Wiediger /

Image source: Christian Wiediger /

The day before, the American tech giant had won a decision in its favour, being given an opportunity to settle a dispute with a local company Shorts International in the High Court of Great Britain – a short film producer claims that the name of the Shorts section on the YouTube platform violates their trademark. “Of value and importance, this case is at the top of the scale”, — commented on the course of the proceedings Google lawyer Lindsay Lane (Lindsay Lane). The judge explained that according to Google, a decision unfavorable for the company could result in significant costs for rebranding and technical changes on the platform.

YouTube Shorts was launched two years ago in response to the growing popularity of the short vertical video format, which is also shared on TikTok and Facebook/Instagram Reels.

A spokesman for Shorts International said the company has been in business for more than two decades and its name is used heavily in the release of short films on various platforms, including YouTube. The plaintiff believes that the use of the word “shorts” in the name of a section on the platform misleads viewers into thinking that YouTube has bought the Shorts brand or that Shorts International is a subsidiary of Google.


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