British antitrust authorities want to find out why Google and

British antitrust authorities want to find out why Google and Apple browsers dominate smartphones

The British competition authority, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), has launched an investigation into the dominance of the mobile browsers Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

    Image source: Jenny Ueberberg/

Image source: Jenny Ueberberg/

“Many technology companies and web developers in the UK tell us they are being held back by restrictions imposed by Apple and Google.”said CMA Interim Executive Director Sarah Cardell. According to her, the agency plans to examine whether there are grounds for such concerns, and if so, it is necessary to define the measures needed to stimulate competition and innovation in these sectors.

According to Reuters, Google says Android users have a wide range of applications to choose from and browser developers can choose the engine they like. The company emphasizes that it strives to create an open platform that offers equal opportunities for both consumers and software developers. Apple, in turn, assured that it intends to engage constructively with the CMA to explain the company’s approach “Encourages competition and choice while protecting user privacy and security“.

Recently, American tech giants, including Alphabet and Apple, have attracted increasing attention from antitrust authorities in the EU, UK and other countries and regions. Today, the Google Play Store is already the subject of a separate EU and UK antitrust investigation, the company announced last month.

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