Breached Hacker Forum Closed to Users Due to FBI Threat

Breached Hacker Forum Closed to Users Due to FBI Threat

The well-known hacking forum Breached was shut down after the administrator who remained at large, nicknamed Baphomet, said law enforcement agencies likely gained access to the resource.

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The resource served as a platform for publishing and selling data stolen by hackers as a result of hacking the websites of private companies and government organizations. It’s also popular with those interested in the “dark side” of cybersecurity. Community members are responsible for a variety of hacks, cyberattacks, and data breaches, including incidents involving DC Health Link, Twitter, RobinHood, Acer, and Activision. The Breached forum was a sort of successor to RaidForums, which was shut down by the FBI last April and whose owner, known as Omnipotent, was arrested in the UK a few months earlier.

It was announced last Friday that the founder and owner of Breached, who went by the nickname Pompompurin, was arrested by the FBI. The second administrator of the resource, who remained at large under the nickname Baphomet, shut down the site and transferred it to new hosting to protect it from the actions of law enforcement agencies. The migration was slow due to the need to take measures to protect user anonymity – this would allow the resource to continue working.

However, it later turned out that unknown people had logged into the system on one of the old CDN servers, where there was no important data. Breached never shared servers with other resources, meaning it was someone who had access to Pompompurin’s computer. The second administrator came to the conclusion that he could no longer guarantee anonymity and security for forum users, and it was decided to close the page permanently. The resource’s Telegram channel is still working – here community members can decide where to go next.


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