Brazil confiscates hundreds of iPhones because its illegal to sell

Brazil confiscates hundreds of iPhones because it’s illegal to sell them without a charger

In Brazil on behalf of the local regulator began to grab iPhones from retail stores due to the fact that they are sold without a charger in the box, which is against local law. Local authorities have previously fined Apple for the lack of charging options in the smartphone set and ordered it to stop breaking the law.

Despite a ban by Brazil’s Justice Department on selling iPhones without a charger included and being fined $2.38 million for “deliberately discriminatory practices towards consumers”, Apple continued to supply the local market with smartphones without a power supply.

According to Tecnoblog, the Federal District Institute for Consumer Protection (Procon-DF) confiscated “Hundreds of iPhones in various retail stores in Brasilia”, the capital of Brazil. In a move called “Operation Discharge,” regulators are trying to force Apple to comply with local laws that require smartphones to come with a charger. iPhones have reportedly been confiscated from cell phone stores and Apple Authorized Resellers.

It is noted that Apple broke the laws of Brazil by stopping shipping chargers with the iPhone 12. In addition, the company also updated the packaging and packaging of the iPhone 11, which shipped in a more compact box without a charger.

Due to the regulator’s actions, Apple Brazil has asked the government to allow iPhone smartphones to be sold without a charger in the country until the dispute is finally settled. The company told Tecnoblog that it will continue to sell smartphones in Brazil despite the regulator’s actions.

Judge Diego Câmara Alves, who allowed Apple to continue selling the iPhone in Brazil pending a final decision, believes the company is not violating consumer rights and the regulator “abuses his powers.”

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