Brave Browser prevents websites from re identifying users on new visits

Brave Browser prevents websites from re-identifying users on new visits

The developers of privacy-focused browser Brave have announced a new feature called “Forgetful Browsing” designed to prevent websites from re-identifying users on subsequent visits. With this, the browser automatically cleans data that can be used by websites for re-identification, including cookies, HTTP cache, localStorage and indexedDB.

    Image source: Bleeping Computer

Image source: Bleeping Computer

Note that automatically clearing cookies and cache will require users to re-authorize on websites. However, this approach prevents websites from re-identifying users. In the browser settings, users can enable the “Forgetful Browsing” function for all websites or configure it so that the data is deleted only when visiting certain resources.

The Brave developers found that the browser they were building already offers strong protection against third-party tracking of users, but privacy issues related to first-party tracking remain unresolved. Although many modern browsers offer tools to solve this problem, these are often cumbersome to use or hidden in the settings and not easy to find. That’s why the developers of the Brave browser decided to create a handy feature that allows you to easily enable or disable it, as well as adjust its settings.

    Image source: Brave

Image source: Brave

Reportedly, forgetful browsing will make its way into the desktop version of Brave 1.53 as well as Brave 1.54 for Android devices. The current browser version is 1.51.

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