BOE filed a series of patent lawsuits against Samsung in

BOE filed a series of patent lawsuits against Samsung in China over OLED technology

China’s leading display maker, BOE, has filed a series of lawsuits against Samsung and its subsidiaries in China for alleged patent infringement. According to the South Korean edition of Business Korea, we can talk about the revenge of BOE, which in particular competes with Samsung in the OLED panel market.

    Image source: BOE

Image source: BOE

China’s BOE recently filed lawsuits against Samsung Display, Samsung Display China, Samsung Electronics China and other Samsung subsidiaries, accusing the companies of patent infringement. A total of eight lawsuits have been filed and trials are scheduled to begin on May 18 this year. BOE claims that Samsung stole the technology, but what exactly is not yet known.

According to Business Korea, some insiders are talking about BOE’s irrational attempt to thwart Samsung’s operations in China. The lawsuits are believed to be in response to a US probe into Samsung’s patent infringement on OLED technology.

Recall that in December 2022, a South Korean company filed an investigation with the US International Trade Commission (ITC). Samsung has called for a ban on US component wholesalers from importing components, such as displays, that infringe Samsung’s patents. It was about MobileSentrix, Injured Gadget and DFW Cellphone & Parts.

According to some reports, they sold fake smartphone screens to unauthorized service centers in the US. The panels were used to repair broken Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone smartphones. The delivered displays are said to have illegally used proprietary technologies, including Samsung’s Diamond Pixel technology.

According to insiders, fake panels were shipped from China. Although their origin is not known for certain, it is believed that they are manufactured and sold by Chinese companies such as BOE. This partly explains why BOE was included along with American importers in the list of companies whose activities are under investigation. Samsung said during its Q4 2022 financial results report that the company had filed a complaint with ITC against 17 US wholesale importers that were supplying panels of unknown origin.


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