Boasting a million users of RCS News Google updated the

Boasting a million users of RCS News, Google updated the News application

Google company reportedthat RCS News is already used by a billion people, and to this end, seven new features have been added to its messaging application. These functions make the application a full-fledged competitor to conventional instant messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

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The RCS standard is positioned as a successor to SMS and MMS, although Google is positioning it as an “improvement” rather than a replacement for older formats. The company is actively expanding the functionality of the Google Messages application that supports this standard, making it a full-fledged analogue of Apple iMessage and other instant messengers. RCS supports typing indicators, read receipts, reply threads, high-quality media sharing, group chats, and end-to-end encryption.

The first of the new features is called Photomoji (“Photo Emoticons”) – as you might imagine, it allows you to convert a photo into a reaction using an artificial intelligence algorithm right on the device. The results of such image editing remain in a special tab on the phone and can be reused. Published Photomojis are also available to other users in group chats.

The Voice Moods feature allows voice messages to be illustrated with emoticons, allowing the user to express how they are feeling. Google has also increased the bit rate and sample rate of voice messages. Screen Effects lets you display colorful animated shows across the entire screen as you type specific messages like “It’s snowing” or “I love you.” So far, the company has developed 15 such effects, but has not disclosed them and invited users to discover them for themselves.

Custom Bubbles allows you to choose the color and background of the “bubbles” that display message text. You can choose your own color for each chat. According to Google, Reaction Effects will “enliven correspondence” – this is a simple animation over a message for the most popular emoticons used as reactions. Animated Emojis – visual effects when sending some emoticons, something similar is available in WhatsApp and Telegram.

Finally, profiles will appear in Google Messages. You can set a name and picture to accompany the phone number. Google has clarified that this feature solves the problem of receiving messages from numbers that are not saved in the contact list. Unfortunately, all of the features listed will only appear in the beta version of Messages for now, and not all at once, and the company has not specified in what order or within what time frame.


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