BMW tests electric car prototype iX with extended range to

BMW tests electric car prototype iX with extended range to 965 km

Large car manufacturers are trying to invest in several young companies that are simultaneously developing promising types of traction batteries. In the case of BMW, one of the supported new generation battery developers is the American ONE, and already at the end of this year partners will test a prototype electric car with a range of about 965 km.

    Image source: BMW

Image source: BMW

In the Gemini family of traction batteries as reported Reuters Citing representatives from ONE, there will be two types of battery cells, one of which will provide only one charge storage density, which allows you to increase the range of the BMW iX crossover to 965 km. Last December, ONE already managed to test a prototype battery from the Gemini family, which increased the range of the Tesla Model S sedan to 1200 km, almost double the baseline.

In March, BMW invested around $65 million in the ONE deal, hoping to further leverage the fledgling American company’s developments to create longer-range electric vehicles. ONE focuses on reducing the use of traditional materials such as nickel, cobalt, graphite and lithium in battery manufacturing. At the same time, the goal is to achieve lower costs and improve the performance of batteries, including their safety.

ONE will also offer its batteries to other car manufacturers. In one version, they will even have a slightly lower price than existing nickel- and cobalt-based analogues. The size and weight of the battery are also reduced, which has a positive effect on the range of electric vehicles. BMW officials said they look forward to incorporating ONE technologies into their future electric vehicle offering.

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