BMW is now receiving Samsung SDI traction batteries from the

BMW is now receiving Samsung SDI traction batteries from the Hungarian plant

Last Saturday, Lee Jae-yong, vice president and former head of Samsung Electronics, returned from a week-long trip to Europe, where he visited several countries and conducted a series of negotiations with business partners. It is widely believed that BMW will start using Samsung SDI traction batteries more actively after both companies expand production in Hungary.

    Image source: BMW

Image source: BMW

In fact, Samsung SDI already has a traction battery facility in Hungary, which is the company’s largest in Europe. The cathode material supplier EcoPro BM too straightens up a company in Hungary that will be 200 km away from the new BMW company, which is expected to start producing up to 150,000 electric vehicles per year by 2025. EcoPro BM will be able to supply up to 108,000 tons of material from its Hungarian plant for the production of battery cathodes for Samsung SDI traction batteries.

BMW currently uses prismatic batteries in its electric vehicles, but will switch to cylindrical battery cells as part of a new platform rolling out by 2025. Samsung SDI is capable of manufacturing both types of batteries, so there is every reason to believe that the Korean company’s collaboration with BMW will only expand.

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