BMW has priced the smart projection glasses for motorcyclists at

BMW has priced the smart projection glasses for motorcyclists at 690 euros

While automakers have long used augmented reality elements to project instrument readings and navigation tips onto a specific area of ​​the windshield in front of the driver’s eyes, motorcycle manufacturers have found it more difficult to achieve similar goals. BMW solved this problem by offering motorcycle owners glasses with a tiny projector that allows them to see the necessary information in front of their eyes.

    Image source: BMW

Image source: BMW

ConnectedRide device as explained gizmodo, whose contours are reminiscent of sports glasses with light filters, while the lenses are interchangeable. The user can change both the degree of their transparency, replacing one set with another, and the curvature of the surface – you can change the diopter values ​​according to the prescriptions of doctors. On the surface of the right lens in front of the driver’s eye, information is projected about the speed of movement, the current gear of the motorcycle, the speed limit on that section of the road, as well as instructions from the navigation system.

    Image source: BMW

Image source: BMW

Depending on the distance between the pupils, the customer can choose between two dimensions of the BMW ConnectedRide glasses. The housing, which is quite elegant for a device with integrated electronics, houses a battery that allows the glasses to be used for 10 hours without recharging. New BMW motorcycle models must support wireless pairing with these glasses. At least the electric BMW CE 02 is compatible with this very useful accessory.

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