Bloober Team showed 11 minutes of gameplay of the psychedelic

Bloober Team showed 11 minutes of gameplay of the psychedelic horror Layers of Fear – still a walking simulator but now on Unreal Engine 5

Polish publisher and developer Bloober Team published An 11 minute video showing the gameplay of his psychedelic horror game Layers of Fear (until recently Layers of Fears).

    Image Credit: Bloober Team

Image Credit: Bloober Team

Remember that Layers of Fear is a compilation of the original Layers of Fear (plus Inheritance) and Layers of Fear 2 with additional story chapters and updated gameplay.

The video shown shows two fragments – the first introduces the writer, the protagonist of the new episode (The Lighthouse), and the second gives a glimpse of the life of the artist, the hero of the original Layers of Fear.

As the Writer (that’s a woman, by the way), players must explore a spooky abandoned lighthouse and discover a whole new story in the Layers of Fear universe to do so “combine all parts of the series”.

In the role of the artist, users uncover mysteries, solve puzzles and fight the threats of the old manor with the help of a kerosene lamp – a new tool to counteract gaming nightmares.

Judging by the 11-minute video, the actions performed in the new Layers of Fear largely boil down to walking the corridors and reading notes, albeit in a fairly atmospheric setting.

The release of the new Layers of Fear is expected in June this year on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. They promise graphics on the Unreal Engine 5 engine with support for ray tracing and lumen lighting technology.

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