Bloggers tested the protected smartwatch Apple Watch Ultra for strength

Bloggers tested the protected smartwatch Apple Watch Ultra for strength – the table broke faster from hammer blows

Earlier this month, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra rugged smartwatch. Now the novelty has gone on sale and it is expected that the bloggers decided to test it for strength and compliance with the declared properties. Oddly, they use a variety of approaches to do this, from submerging the device in water to hitting it with a hammer.

    Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

A video appeared on the DC Rainmaker YouTube channel showing the Apple Watch Ultra, which is certified to the EN13319 standard (indicating the device’s ability to withstand immersion in water to a depth of 100 meters), in water has been tested. Since the blogger did not have the opportunity to dive to such a depth in a real reservoir, a special camera was used during the test to artificially create pressure, and the depth application was used on smartwatches to show the depth of immersion.

When the smartwatch was “submerged” to a depth of 130 feet (approx. 40 meters), a light yellow background appeared in the Depth app, indicating that the parameters had been exceeded. During the test, the blogger simulated a dive to a depth of 159 feet (about 49 meters). Although the Depth app stops showing depth after 40 meters, the Health app can show a greater depth.

A more traditional and spectacular test option was chosen by bloggers on the TechRax YouTube channel who had previously been in a car accident to test the crash detector in the iPhone 14. Immediately after unboxing the Apple Watch Ultra, the blogger “dropped” the watch on concrete. with the screen folded down, resulting in several small scratches on the gadget’s titanium body. Then the smartwatch came in a glass with screws and was subjected to violent shocks. However, this resulted in almost no new damage, only the tape got a little dirty.

In the last part of the video, the blogger hit the Apple Watch Ultra screen with a hammer, gradually increasing the blows. After 12 hammer blows, the device stopped working and turned on, but even then there was practically no visible damage to the screen. It took three more strong hits to shatter the smartwatch’s screen, and a direct hit to the back glass shattered the device’s back cover. Curiously, Apple’s protected smartwatch turned out to be stronger than the blogger’s table, the surface of which began to crack after the sixth blow of the hammer.

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