Bloggers on Twitter can now send tips in the Ethereum

Bloggers on Twitter can now send “tips” in the Ethereum cryptocurrency

The most popular bloggers on Twitter now have the opportunity to receive “tips” not only in bitcoins, but also in the cryptocurrency Ethereum – just provide the wallet address. In addition, the service has added support for three payment services for the same purposes: Barter, Paga and Paytm.

Image source: Wilfried Pohnke /

Image source: Wilfried Pohnke /

To support your favorite author financially, you need to go to their profile page and click the Tip button. Any Twitter user over the age of 18 can enable this feature by editing their own profile and enabling “Tip”.

Recall that in September last year, when Jack Dorsey was the head of the service, Twitter had the ability to send money in bitcoins. The expansion of payment options will be useful not only for supporters of cryptocurrency technologies: Barter, Paga and Paytm services are in demand in India, Nigeria and other countries where mobile payments are popular.

As pointed out by the resource TechCrunchDonations in Ethereum are implemented without support for ENS addresses – in the profile you can only specify the “classic” wallet address, which you just copy to the clipboard, so that you can then paste it into the wallet application and send money.



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