Bloggers crashed their car to test the iPhone 14s crash

Bloggers crashed their car to test the iPhone 14’s crash detector – it really works

The authors of the TechRax YouTube channel have come up with a bold experiment – they crashed a car to check if the iPhone 14’s car crash detection really works. To do this, they equipped the old car with some kind of remote control system and crashed it several times, driving into the back of another car several times.

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There really is no denying the courage and determination of the experimenters: even on the official Apple video that talks about the new system, the cars didn’t fight. The authors of the video emphasized that the next release of their channel “was filmed in a secure and managed environment“. The experimental car was equipped with some kind of remote control system, about the mechanisms of which the audience was not told – the empty car simply crashed into several rusted remnants of bodies of other cars.

And the crash detection system on the iPhone 14 really worked. After the first collision, for some reason she began to give signals only after some time, but the second time the host had to hurry to cancel the automatic distress call.

The accident detection system appeared in the latest generation iPhone and Apple Watch. After an accident is detected using special algorithms and sensors of the device, the smartphone or watch will beep and display a special notification. If there is no response to the notification after 10 seconds, the device initiates an emergency call and sends a recorded message and the coordinates of the scene of the accident.


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