Blizzards in Action Due to a bug in the new

Blizzards in Action: Due to a bug in the new patch, the rarest items rained down on Diablo IV players like a cornucopia, but Blizzard stopped it immediately

The rarest unique gear in Diablo IV is rare enough to have an extremely low drop rate, but a bug in patch 1.0.4 released the day before dramatically increased the likelihood of such an event. Blizzard didn’t leave this unattended.

    Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Accordingly official changelog, updated 1.0.4. has ensured that the same unique items can now be found in Infernal Onslaught chests. This should increase the chances of getting them, but the developers overdid it a bit.

The Harlequin Crest Helm, one of the six rarest unique pieces of gear in Diablo IV, dropped out of the Infernal Onslaught’s chests as if it had been mass-produced.

Streamer Rob2628 and his followers even managed to come up with a method of farming Jester’s Crest – instead, an extremely rare helmet, Andariel’s Visage, sometimes fell out and calculated the chance of getting it.

The probability was 0.5% – the percentage is small, but much higher than the original. In the month since the release of Diablo IV, only a few instances of the “Crest” have been registered, and within a few hours of the release of 1.0.4, hundreds of players have received it.

Blizzard in response exposed All six of the rarest items in Diablo IV will drop prior to the release of the emergency patch (expected to be July 7th). Not all players appreciated such a move. “Buzzer on Duty”– summarized Loadsmoke from the forum Reddit.

While some players complain about Blizzard’s prioritization of tasks, others desperately hide the extracted “combs” in case the company decides to take them away from the lucky ones. Something tells us that with such a development of events there will be no salvation.

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