Blizzard optimizes Diablo IV for Steam Deck the game

Blizzard optimizes Diablo IV for Steam Deck – the game receives full compatibility

Since Diablo IV’s release in early June, players have already gotten the hang of running it on the Steam Deck, but Valve’s portable PC didn’t officially support the Blizzard project for obvious reasons. However, this will change very soon.

    Image source: Blizzard Entertainment

Image source: Blizzard Entertainment

Adam Fletcher, Head of Community Relations at Diablo, in his microblog confirmedthat Diablo IV will be fully compatible with Steam Deck when it releases on Steam next week.

Achieving this rating means that Diablo IV has been tested by Valve and runs perfectly on a portable PC without the additional setup required to run the game on Steam Deck in the past.

    Image source: Windows Central

Image source: Windows Central

In anticipation of receiving official support, users had to resort to it Workaroundsto install on your Steam Deck and run Diablo IV on your device.

In terms of performance, Diablo IV on Steam Deck was able to reach 60fps at low settings, but the game runs at its most stable (98% of the time without lag). worked at 40 fps.

    Image source: Rock Paper Shotgun

Image source: Rock Paper Shotgun

In addition to Steam Deck compatibility, the game supports crossplay and transferring progress between platforms, achievements and a friends list. user
You still need a account.

Diablo IV will be released on Steam on October 17th. The second season, Season of Blood, will be released on the same day and the game itself will be a huge (List of changes expanded to 10,000 words) Patch 1.2.0.

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