Blizzard has responded to the heavy criticism of Diablo IV

Blizzard has responded to the heavy criticism of Diablo IV update 1.1.0 by promising not to release any more “patches like this” – details on future changes

As promised, continue weekly broadcast On July 21st, developers at Blizzard Entertainment expressed their massive dissatisfaction with the changes that Pre-Season Patch 1.1.0 brought to Diablo IV.

    Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Fans criticized the update for weakening all classes, increasing Hell Rush difficulty, reducing experience gain, critical damage, etc. making the game “grinder” and less fun.

“We know that [ослабление игроков] – this is bad. We know it’s no fun… We… have no plans to release patches like this in the future. We heard you loud and clear”— said directly the leader of the community, Adam Fletcher (Adam Fletcher).

    The mood on the stream wasn't the best

The mood on the stream wasn’t the best

At the same time, Blizzard emphasizes, the release of 1.1.0 was necessary – weakened properties (e.g. critical damage) are much more effective than others – albeit with some changes in the team and “exaggerated”.

Descriptions of future updates will be released a few days/weeks before release to give players time to express their opinions before release, and balance changes will occur in predictable timeframes, such as before the new season.

    Blizzard's Plan for Future Updates: Make the game more fun

Blizzard’s Plan for Future Updates: Make the game more fun

On the night of July 21-22, Diablo IV will receive a patch that will increase enemy density in Nightmare Dungeons (CP) and make it easier to reach level 100 CP, and a major patch 1.1.1 will be released in a couple of weeks. In it, developers write, among other things:

  • increase the survivability of classes (especially the sorcerer);
  • will increase the legendary aspects of the barbarian and the sorcerer;
  • Reduce the cost of reallocating cultivation skill points by 40%;
  • Add another cache tab.
  • Increases the number of consumables in a stack (from 20 to 99).

More recent additions include a gems tab (in Season 2), a new endgame activity (also), leaderboards (in Season 3), and light higher chance of dropping the rarest unique items.

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