Blizzard has clarified how the Diablo IV release build will

Blizzard has clarified how the Diablo IV release build will differ from the May Beta and what to expect from the first day patch

Day-one patching is a common practice in today’s industry. After purchasing and downloading a game upon release, it’s not uncommon to download a major update with last-minute fixes. A similar patch will not bypass Diablo IV, but apparently no major changes are to be expected.

    Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo IV Associate Development Lead Joe Piepiora answers a fan’s question on Twitter explainedthat as early access begins, the Day 1 patch will update the game from version 0.9 of the May server checkout to build 1.0 and will bring a number of balance adjustments and bug fixes.

A few hours later the developer took back my words and apologized for the confusion: “I made a mistake and I have to get better. The server check build was not 0.9 but a day one release! The number of changes at launch compared to this build will be extremely small.”.

    Blizzard is ready to

Blizzard is ready to “make adjustments” to ensure the game’s stable operation after launch

portal PC gamer notes that the Diablo IV version of the server check was noticeably different from the “beta” in March: the speed of character development and the chances of falling legendary dropped to the levels just before the release, and the game itself became much more stable . A repetition of “Error 37” is not to be expected.

Diablo IV is out on PC (, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S on June 6th, but will unlock on June 2nd for Premium buyers. The game has received critical acclaim (on par with previous installments), but monetization is already causing concern for fans.

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