Blizzard explains why the rarest unique items in Diablo IV

Blizzard explains why the rarest unique items in Diablo IV have such a low drop rate

Disregarding the patch 1.0.4 launch bug, the odds of dropping the rarest unique gear items in Diablo IV are so slim that literally few people have received them in the month and a half since the game’s release. Not everyone liked it, but Blizzard had reasons for arranging things that way.

    Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Remember that initially six, and with the release of the controversial 1.1.0 update, seven of these most valuable items were criticized for their exceptional rarity: according to some fans, players are more likely to win the lottery or be struck by lightning than to receive this gear.

In an interview IGN Deputy Head of Development Joe Piepiora defended Blizzard’s decision to make these items so rare: “We want players to fall off their chair the moment they drop these items. [от удивления]. This should be a critical event..

Pipora explained that if the rarest unique gear were to drop more frequently (e.g. guaranteed within five hours of questing), it would inevitably become a key element of the most successful character builds. Blizzard wants these items to be present “Huge Bonuses” for already formed heroes.

Previously in Diablo IV, Blizzard added the ability to obtain the most unique items from Inferno Onslaught chests. This increased the likelihood of them failing, but the developers aren’t going to make it too easy for users, despite the fan criticism mentioned.

“We’re following the feedback and seeing how much [редчайших предметов] We discuss options for players among ourselves, but we don’t want them to think that purposeful farming is very easy [такое снаряжение]»said Pipora.

Diablo IV is available on PC (, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series “Surprisingly long” queues.

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