Blizzard doesnt want Diablo IV to play forever at

Blizzard doesn’t want Diablo IV to play forever – at the end of the road gamers are waiting for the “culminating” boss

Diablo IV intends to captivate fans for tens or even hundreds of hours: behind the story campaign, a lot of endgame content awaits players, including “Nightmare” dungeons that increase the difficulty even after reaching level 100. However, everything has an end.

    Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

In conversation with GamesRadar Diablo IV development assistant Joe Piepiora confirmed that the game won’t last forever – at the very end of the character development path, players will have to pass the final exam.

It’s about fighting with “climatic” a boss that will test the strength of even the best level 100 heroes. Paypora did not reveal who he is, but described his concept.

According to Pipora, this fight should be balanced “extraordinary, extraordinary” difficult, even for those who have already received the best equipment, optimized and “everything possible maximized”.

Defeating this final boss will grant players cosmetic items (no powerful gear to speak of) and other rewards, including a sense of accomplishment and accomplishment.

As a service game, Diablo IV offers regular updates and Battle Passes (for 80 hours). With the start of the next season, users will be able to create a new character and walk this path all over again.

Diablo IV is out on PC (, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S on June 6th, but unlocks on June 2nd for Premium Edition buyers. The last open “beta” before the release will take place from May 12th to 14th.

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