Blink and Miss Everything Players were amazed by the download

“Blink and Miss Everything”: Players were amazed by the download speed of Forspoken on a PC with DirectStorage technology

User alias Sei of the ResetEra forum divided Download the speed video for Square Enix’s open-world fantasy RPG Forspoken, released today January 24th.

    Image Credit: Square Enix

Image Credit: Square Enix

Recall that promised on the eve of the release of Square Enix in the PC version “Super fast” Downloads achieved through DirectStorage technology. Owners of already fast NVMe drives can benefit the most.

As Sei has shown, the PC edition of Forspoken actually boots to NVMe very quickly with the help of DirectStorage – almost instantaneously, one might even say.

Other Users ResetEra Download Speed ​​PC Version Forspoken impressed me:

  • “Blink and Miss It All”says Grips;
  • “I hope this becomes the norm”informed Greebman;
  • “Hell. With technology like this, there’s no time to look out the window.”– annoyed BobLoblaw;
  • “RIP checks your phone the moment the loading screen appears”– says goodbye to nsilvias;
  • “Magic”— summarizes Isilia.

Forspoken is available for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store, EGS) and PS5. Fast downloads didn’t save the game from average scores on Metacritic. Along with the full version, a demo version made its way to the PC, which debuted on the Sony console back in December.

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