BLASTtv Paris Major 2023 will be the last major CSGO
Games Paris Major 2023 will be the last major CS:GO tournament

Valve has announced that the Paris Major 2023 tournament, taking place May 8-21, will be the final Major in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive history. The next big tournament will take place in Counter-Strike 2, it is scheduled for March 2024.

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This news comes shortly after the long-awaited announcement of Counter-Strike 2 and the start of the limited testing period. The shooter will be officially presented this summer. Valve had originally planned two tournaments this year, but it has now been announced that the championship planned for November will not take place.

The timing of the first major next year differs significantly from the practice of previous years. In 2022 the PGL Major Antwerpen took place in May and this year the Paris Major also takes place in May. Valve didn’t specify the reason next year’s first major tournament will be held in March.

The cancellation of the second major in 2023 drew mixed reactions from the community. Some felt this was the right decision as it would give players more time to get used to the new game. However, some pointed out that the cancellation of the tournament would cause financial damage to teams that include income from participation in annual competitions in their annual budget.


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