Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Increased By 70 In One Year

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Increased By 70% In One Year

Bitcoin mining complexity increased by 7.56% after the next recalculation, reaching 46.84 Thesh, setting another record. On March 24, 2022, that figure was 27.42 Thesh, ie up 70% for the year.

    Image Source: Be Ba /

Image Source: Be Ba /

The previous record was set just two weeks ago: after recalculation on March 11, the Bitcoin mining difficulty reached 43.55 Thesh – at that time it was expected that the indicator would rise by 4.29% and 45 .42 thesh would reach . The result exceeded expectations and the momentum was 7.56%.

Bitcoin mining difficulty is adjusted after blocks were mined in 2016 – roughly every two weeks – and grows as mining capacity increases. This is done to ensure each block is mined in an average of 10 minutes. The next recount will take place around April 6th. The complexity is forecast to decrease by 0.02% and amount to 46.83 Thesh.

The average blockchain hash rate, which is the overall performance of mining equipment at the current difficulty level, will also be record-breaking at around 335.23 ehash/s. The previous record was also set on March 11 – at that time it was 311.68 Ehesh/s.

The increase in difficulty means that the number of miners on the network is growing, which is due to the increase in the price of the largest cryptocurrency. On January 1, 2023, the mining difficulty was 35.36 Thesh – it’s now up 32%. Bitcoin is up 72% in price over the same period.


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