BioWare Reminded That Dragon Age 4 Will Focus On A

BioWare Reminded That Dragon Age 4 Will Focus On A Single Player Story Campaign

On December 4th, fans of the famous RPG series celebrated Dragon Age Day. To mark the occasion, BioWare has launched a raffle for gift cards and published two stories. In its blog, the studio also recalled that the next part of Dragon Age will focus on the storyline campaign.

Source: BioWare

Source: BioWare

V records in the official blog, the developers noted that they are working hard on the game for a single playthrough. BioWare said more details will be revealed next year. The game probably won’t appear at the upcoming The Game Awards 2021.

This single player statement confirms message that EA partially changed its game-services policy following the failure of Anthem and the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Apparently, Dragon Age 4 is being developed without elements of game-services.

Dragon Age senior creative director Matthew Goldman left BioWare in November. He joined BioWare in 1998 and has been working on the new Dragon Age since 2017, when the project was rumored to be restarted.

Dragon Age 4 has no release date. It is not expected to go on sale until 2023 at the earliest.

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