Binge and Nightdive Studios to film System Shock TV series

Binge’s gaming entertainment streaming platform will launch in 2022. She has already announced that one of her first projects will be a series based on the game franchise Driver. The company has now announced a series adaptation of the sci-fi action-adventure game System Shock.

Source: Binge

Source: Binge

The original System Shock takes place at Citadel Station in 2072, where an unnamed hacker confronts cyborg and robotic assassins, terrifying mutants and an evil AI named SHODAN, who seeks to take over the Earth.

Nightdive is currently developing a remake of System Shock and a remaster of System Shock 2. Its CEO Stephen Kick and Business Development Director Larry Kuperman will executive produce the film adaptation, while Binge’s Chief Content Officer Allan Ungar ( Allan Ungar) – producer.

“I have always believed that the live-action version of System Shock would be the perfect vehicle for retelling the heartbreaking story of Citadel Station and its AI, which puts the crew in unimaginable horror.– added Kik. – We’re thrilled to see the talented team at Binge bring System Shock to life in horrifyingly real and new ways. “

“System Shock is an iconic franchise that gamers have adored for over two decades and a series that helped reimagine first-person shooters.– said Hangar. – We’re thrilled to get it right in terms of franchise and genre by bringing System Shock to life. Get ready for SHODAN “

System Shock will be streamed exclusively at the Binge online cinema.

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