Bill Gates AI Agents How a new round in the

Bill Gates’ AI Agents: How a new round in the development of computer technology will change everyday human life

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, shared his predictions about the future of AI and its role in our daily lives on his blog. Gates believes that AI will radically change the way we use computers and mobile devices over the next five years.

    Image source: Mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Image source: Mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

According to Gates, there will soon be no need to use separate applications for different tasks. Instead, we can access our devices in a normal language and they can process our requests. This will be made possible by the development of AI-based personal assistants, which will be significantly superior to today’s technology.

Gates calls such programs “agents.” He predicts that these agents will not only change the way people interact with computers, but also radically transform the software industry. This will be the most significant revolution in computer science since the transition from entering commands at a computer terminal to using graphical interfaces.

A key aspect of agent performance is their ability to recognize the user as an individual. The more they know about you, the better they can anticipate your needs and help you. “They are proactive and able to offer solutions before you ask for them. They work using apps and improve over time by remembering your actions and recognizing your intentions and behavior patterns. Based on this information, they will suggest what they think you need, with the final decision always being yours“- writes Gates.

Gates also discusses the impact of AI on healthcare, education, productivity, entertainment and other areas of our daily lives. For example, in healthcare, agents can assist with basic triage diagnostics and treatment advice and support healthcare professionals in decision-making. In education, agents complement the work of teachers by personalizing learning for students and freeing teachers from routine tasks. In the productivity area, agents assist with a variety of tasks, such as writing business plans or organizing meetings. In the entertainment and shopping sectors, agents not only make recommendations, but also help implement them. Gates sees AI as an integral part of every aspect of our existence.

In his blog, Gates also suggests that agents will be the next big platform in the computing industry. “Agents can help with almost every activity and in every area of ​​life. In the computer technology industry, we talk about platforms – the technologies on which applications and services are based. Android, iOS and Windows are platforms. Agents will be the next platform“says Gates.

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