Big Thor with a beer belly and Loki’s wife: the developers showed the characters of God of War Ragnarok

At yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase 2021 presentation, viewers were shown the debut trailer for God of War Ragnarok. And right after the presentation, Santa Monica Studio published the official images of Thor and other characters from the upcoming action adventure. The image of the Scandinavian god of thunder is rather unusual.

Image source: Santa Monica Studio

Image source: Santa Monica Studio

In the images below, you can see Kratos, Atreus and other familiar heroes. New characters include Thor, Tyr, Angrboda and Durlin. The thunder god received the most unusual image – he was made an obese man with a beer belly and a thick red beard. In the previous part of God of War, Thor looked very different. The giant Tyr was shown in the trailer, so his appearance in the game is no longer a secret. Angrboda, Loki’s wife, was made a swarthy girl, and nothing is known about Durlin.

Image source: Santa Monica Studio

Image source: Santa Monica Studio

As a reminder, in God of War Ragnarok, Kratos and Atreus will experience a new adventure as Ragnarok is approaching. The heroes will visit different places, including Asgard, and their main opponents will be Freya and Thor, which has already been confirmed by the developers.

God of War Ragnarok will be released in 2022 on PS4 and PS5, an exact release date has yet to be announced.

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