Big patch for Dying Light 2 improves performance eliminates death

Big patch for Dying Light 2 improves performance, eliminates “death loops” and makes the game more bloody

Developers from the Techland studio have released a major patch for the parkour action Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The update improved performance, fixed serious bugs in story campaign and co-op, improved UI, graphics and enemy behavior, and also added new bloody effects.

Image source: Techland

Image source: Techland

Some changes Patch version 1.2:

  • fixed all known “death loops”;
  • Obstacles in the main quests “Into The Dark”, “Assassination”, “The Raid”, “The Only Way Out”, “Veronika, Night Runners” (Nightrunners), “Lost Light” (The Lost Light), as well as in the side mission “ Double Trouble” (double time);
  • Fixed issues with safe areas, such as B. Freezing the clock in the game and not falling asleep.
  • improved performance and stability in co-op mode (reduced crashes, black screens and framerate drops);
  • Added profile with graphics settings for weak PCs and laptops;
  • improved shadows, outdoor lighting and motion blur effect;
  • Fixed obstacles when passing multiple plot points and bugs when accepting invitations in co-op;
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect spawn location for co-op players and heroes falling through the ground;
  • Changes have been made to the fight with the final boss: bugs in the behavior of enemies that caused difficulties in co-op have been fixed; Opponents behave differently in the second phase of combat; when playing together, opponents are more likely to launch attacks with a large radius of action; reduced the duration of story scenes between stages;
  • changed the behavior of opponents: walkers attack more often during the day, which diversifies collisions; Jumpers (Volatiles) exit shelters faster while hunting; Howlers notice the player from a greater distance, are more resistant to ranged attacks, and begin chasing when taking damage from ranged weapons. Enemies react differently to hits depending on the weight of the weapon;
  • Banshees and Chargers are easier to spot in crowds of infected at night;
  • the difficulty of the fourth level of the hunt has been increased;
  • added new ending scenes to connect gameplay and ending sequences;
  • the ragdoll is more realistic, activates more often, differs depending on the weapon type and is accompanied by more diverse sound effects;
  • it became possible to customize the display of UI elements (health bar, item switcher, time of day display) – hide completely, always show dynamically or hide;
  • the color of the health and stamina bars has been made more neutral and lighter;
  • Survivor Sense works correctly and does not require a cooldown after taking damage and performing certain moves.

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The patch also added a free Brutality Pack:

  • the accuracy of attacks with edged weapons has increased (it is easier to cut off parts of the body, cutting them vertically and horizontally);
  • Reworked sound effects of hits (now they depend on the strength of the attack and the damage dealt);
  • When the player hits the enemy, bloodstains will appear on the ground, and when the attack is close, the blood will hit the screen.
  • dead enemies react to hits and damage;
  • new gory effects, including those that appear on enemies’ bodies after being hit.

The update is coming to consoles soon.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human was released on February 4th, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. Over 3 million users tried the game in the first weekend.

This week, the original Dying Light received improvements for the PlayStation 5.


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