Bethesda Redfall will be a good game in 10 years

Bethesda: Redfall will be a “good game” in 10 years

user steam almost let Redfall down, but Bethesda won’t turn their backs on the ugly duckling Arkane Austin. This was assured to the players by Pete Hines.

    Image Source: X (Spectral_Lens)

Image Source: X (Spectral_Lens)

The publishing director at Bethesda Softworks expressed confidence that ten years from now, Redfall will be a good game that people will want to play through Game Pass.

“We don’t like letting players down. At the same time, we had bad starts, but we don’t drop games just because they didn’t start well.”Hines said in a recent interview

    Fallout 76 (Image Source: Steam)

Fallout 76 (Image Source: Steam)

As an example, Hines cited the problematic release of the PC version of The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76. The latter was initially rejected by both critics and players, but after a whole series of significant updates, the project found its audience.

“We’re going to make a good game out of this because as an in-house studio, we know Game Pass is forever. In 10 years there will be people joining Game Pass and Redfall will be there.”Hines says.

    Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

Hines also mentioned that the developers still plan to add a 60fps mode to the console version of Redfall. When that will happen is unclear – the game received its first (and so far last) major patch in June.

Redfall was released on May 2nd for PC (Steam, EGS, Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X and S, and Game Pass (PC and Xbox). Previously, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer took full responsibility for the game’s failure.

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