Bethesda promised to bring DLSS support and a button to

Bethesda promised to bring DLSS support and a button to eat to Starfield, but has since released the first patch

Publisher Bethesda Softworks and developer Bethesda Game Studios Approved the first post-release patch for their space role-playing game Starfield and talked about how they plan to improve it in the future.

    Image source: Bethesda Softworks

Image source: Bethesda Softworks

The update to version 1.7.29 is minor and fixes bugs blocking progress in three quests (All That Money Can Buy, Into the Unknown, Shadows in Neon) and improves stability and performance.

The team is currently focused on fixing critical bugs and stability issues, as well as adding desired features that Bethesda promises in future regular patches.

Among the planned improvements, the addition is announced in particular:

brightness and contrast settings;
field of view slider;
HDR calibration;
NVIDIA DLSS scaling support (version not mentioned);
Support for ultra-wide monitors with a 32:9 aspect ratio;
Buttons for eating.

“This is a game we’ll be supporting for many years to come, so keep sending us your feedback! Even if we do not comply with your request immediately, we will be happy to do so in the future, as with city plans.”assured the authors.

Bethesda too “closely” is working with NVIDIA, AMD and Intel to work on new drivers that should bring additional stability and performance improvements.

Starfield was released on September 6th on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X and S, and Game Pass (PC and Xbox). Official modding tools will be released in early 2024.

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