Bethesda explains why Starfields protagonist was not spoken when it

Bethesda explains why Starfield’s protagonist was not spoken when it was planned

However, as the interview revealed, Bethesda Game Studios already confirmed in June that the main character is not voiced by Starfield polygon According to the studio’s design director Emil Pagliarulo, this wasn’t always the case.

    Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

According to Pagliarulo, at a certain point in the development of the industry, it was common to have a voiced protagonist: “It was a fad of AAA games”. Up to a point, such a hero was also planned for Starfield.

During pre-production, Bethesda even hired an actor to voice the protagonist, Starfield, listened to him and decided he had the voice. “too specific” for a game with so many possibilities in character creation.

Rather than picking up multiple voices or searching for a more appropriate one, the developers realized that the only way to give players the freedom to be whoever they want to be in Starfield is to have a silent protagonist.

    At E3 2015, the same Pagliarulo explained that the spoken protagonist in Fallout 4 will help bring greater emotional depth to the story.

At E3 2015 the same Pagliarulo explainedthat the spoken protagonist in Fallout 4 will help bring greater emotional depth to the story

Pagliarulo acknowledged that not all solutions tried by Bethesda were successful: On the one hand, players do not like to read and hear the same sentence, on the other hand, different wording (see Fallout 4) did not cause a stir.

However, the decision not to voice the hero in Starfield gave the team free rein: “We have over 200,000 lines of dialogue in Starfield with no spoken protagonists. And that refusal has allowed us to create such a big world..

Starfield will be available on September 6th on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X and S, and Game Pass (PC and Xbox), but will be available five days early for Premium buyers. The first reviews of the game will appear on August 31st.

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