Best update yet Three years after release DOOM Eternal has

“Best update yet”: Three years after release, DOOM Eternal has had its Denuvo protection removed

More than three years have passed since the release of the shooter DOOM Eternal, but the developers at id Software continue to improve their game. Recently, Denuvo anti-piracy protection was permanently removed from the PC version.

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As noted by the portal DSOGaming, Denuvo’s departure from DOOM Eternal occurred on the evening of September 5th. This is documented by the entry in SteamDBAnd Released by id Software itself.

Unlike many other developers, the creators of DOOM Eternal did not hide the fact that Denuvo was removed from the game, but made it an official part of a small update 6.66 Rev 2.2.

    Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

In the comments to the announcement, users were excited about the release of Denuvo’s DOOM Eternal and the potential performance improvements. “Best update so far”– thinks joe. Many other gamers agree with him.

At launch, Bethesda had already accidentally left DOOM Eternal without Denuvo protection, giving users the opportunity to test the game’s performance without the intervention of the Austrian system.

In addition to Denuvo, 6.66 Rev 2.2 removes accelerators from DOOM Eternal (this applies to all platforms), which allowed you to get part of the experience collected by another user. The reasons for abandoning the system are not given.

DOOM Eternal is available for PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch. In May 2020, following community pressure, the developers removed the Denuvo anti-cheat from the game.

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