Best update for CS2 yet A new patch for Counter Strike

“Best update for CS2 yet”: A new patch for Counter-Strike 2 taught chickens to swim

The June update of Valve’s multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike 2 added the ability to do so roast meat Chickens running around the arena until they are golden brown and the one that came out the day before August patch gave the birds a new ability.

    Image source: Valve

Image source: Valve

As reported in the official changelog, the Counter-Strike 2 update is from August 2nd “Teaching Chickens to Swim”. So far, the birds only moved under their feet, trying to avoid the skirmishes.

Despite the insignificance of the innovation, fans rejoiced at the prospect of being able to swim with the chickens. “The best update for CS2 yet”– either seriously or in jest one says on twitter.

For example, chickens can swim in CS2 on the Anubis map, which along with Ancient replaced Overpass and Vertigo. The former is available in Deathmatch, Competitive, and Casual modes, while the latter is only available in Casual and Deathmatch.

Among other things, the August patch disables the partner mode, adds a splash effect when throwing weapons into the water, adjusts the sounds of water interaction with grenades and improves some animations.

Among the undocumented changes in the Counter-Strike 2 August patch, players discovered the bomb inspection feature (see video above) and that Molotov cocktails no longer burn in water.

Counter-Strike 2 is still in the limited testing phase, full release is expected before the end of summer. The new version of the game is based on the Source 2 engine, offers updated maps and backwards compatibility with items from CS:GO.


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