Beijing urges automakers to store all data in the country

The Chinese government has drawn the attention of automakers to the need to strengthen information security, as well as ensure the storage of important data on the territory of the country. This, for example, may mean that drones and cars with various driver assistance systems will lose the ability to exchange data with data centers located outside the country.



According to the updated policy of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, automakers are required to obtain permission from the regulator when it becomes necessary to export critical data, as well as before updating the on-board systems of vehicles. Currently, violation of the rules established under the new policy does not entail any sanctions for the violator.

The initiative comes amid Beijing’s general concern about the security of data generated by cars connected to the Internet. Smart cars like Tesla are causing concern in the Chinese government, data security is becoming a national security issue, and privacy policies are increasingly tightened.

In April, China published the second version of the draft Personal Information Protection Law, which requires technology platforms to introduce stricter measures to ensure the secure storage of user data. In September, the Data Security Law will come into force, which requires companies that process “critical information” to assess possible risks and submit reports.

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