Become a street samurai with the cyberpunk retro shooter Beyond

Become a street samurai with the cyberpunk retro shooter Beyond Sunset on the classic Doom engine – a demo version is available on Steam

portal PCGamesN I noticed that the Games to Be Festival on Steam received, among other things, a demo version of an interesting project – a cyberpunk retro shooter with RPG elements Beyond Sunset.

    Image source: Metacorp

Image source: Metacorp

Events Beyond Sunset will take place in the near future: The metropolis Sunset City is full of zombies, cyborgs and gangsters. Players take on the role of Lucy, a girl who must become a street samurai in exchange for her lost memories.

Players must combine long-range and melee weapons (a katana can deflect enemy bullets), explore large open levels, communicate with NPCs, complete quests, and upgrade their character with a dynamic synthwave soundtrack.

A distinctive feature of Lucy in the image of a street samurai is her maneuverability – jabs, tackles and “Other Acrobatics” allows you to outwit opponents, including grandiose bosses.

Beyond Sunset’s gameplay is inspired by ’90s shooters – from Duke Nukem 3D to Blood – and the game owes its low-poly visual component to classic Doom, on whose modernized engine (GZDoom) it is based.

The Games to Be festival lasts until June 26 – whether the opportunity to play the Beyond Sunset demo will disappear after that date is unknown, but in any case it’s better not to risk it. Trial available at this link.

Beyond Sunset is being made for Steam (Windows, macOS) and has no release date yet. Nevertheless, developers from Metacorp regularly report on the progress of production: until end of March The team had almost completed the second episode of six.

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