Be quiet The price for the powerful Dark Rock Pro

Be quiet! The price for the powerful Dark Rock Pro 5 cooler is $100 and the flagship Dark Rock Elite is priced at $115

German manufacturer of computer components Be quiet! officially introduced its flagship air cooling systems for central processors – Dark Rock Elite and Dark Rock Pro 5. The company showed both coolers at the Gamescom gaming trade fair in the summer.

    Image source: shut up!

Image source: shut up!

The Dark Rock Pro 5 is the successor to the very popular Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler and not only offers high efficiency, but also has exceptionally low operating noise. Dark Rock Elite, on the other hand, is a completely new development. The new product is aimed at users who want to ensure maximum performance. This cooler uses ARGB lighting. Both cooling systems are designed to be compatible with all leading motherboards and RAM modules and are also equipped with a special operating mode switch to ensure maximum quiet operation and maximum performance. Both coolers are coated with a special black paint with ceramic particles to increase heat dissipation efficiency.

The main feature of the Be quiet! Dark Rock Elite is a new front fan mounting system that offers compatibility with most memory modules and motherboards on the market. The cooler includes seven thermally conductive tubes and two Silent Wings PWM fans with a diameter of 135 mm. In performance mode, the fans work at a maximum speed of up to 2000 rpm. In Quiet mode, the propellers rotate at speeds of up to 1500 rpm, ensuring extremely quiet operation.

The Dark Rock Elite cooler’s unique front fan mounting system with height adjustment rails provides a maximum clearance of 69mm above the motherboard’s second DIMM slot, allowing you to install modules with any heatsinks. The maximum distance from the fan to the first DIMM slot can be a comfortable 63.3 mm. Be quiet! ensures maximum compatibility of the cooler with the tall coolers of modern motherboards. Special cutouts are provided on the radiator radiator. The top cover, which is attached to the radiator of the cooler, is equipped with ARGB lighting.

Thanks to the nickel-plated base, liquid metal-based thermal interfaces can be used with Dark Rock Elite, according to the manufacturer. The new product comes with a three-year warranty.

The Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler is also equipped with seven heat pipes and two Silent Wings PWM fans. However, just like the Dark Rock Pro 4, there are fans of different sizes. The front one has a diameter of 120 mm, the inner one 135 mm. By using a more compact front fan, the new product is compatible with most DRAM modules with tall heatsinks. The internal 135mm fan is attached to the removable top cover of the cooler for easy installation. Both fans use hydrodynamic bearings, have six-pole motors and an impeller shape optimized for high air flow.

As mentioned above, Dark Rock Pro 5 is also equipped with a fan mode switch. In Performance mode, the 120mm fan spins at speeds of up to 2000 rpm and the 135mm fan spins at speeds of up to 1700 rpm. In quiet mode, the front fan runs at up to 1500 rpm, the internal fan at up to 1300 rpm. Like the Dark Rock Elite, the Dark Rock Pro 5 cooler also features side cutouts in the heatsink to ensure compatibility with motherboard cooling systems. The cooler comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Be quiet! The Dark Rock Pro 5 cooling system is priced at $99.90 (€99.90) and the Dark Rock Elite cooler is priced at $114.90 (€114.90). Both cooling systems will go on sale on October 24th.

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