Be quiet introduced the Pure Loop 2 LSS with radiators

Be quiet! introduced the Pure Loop 2 LSS with radiators up to 360 mm and the possibility of refueling

be quiet! introduced a series of liquid cooling systems Pure Loop 2. From the previously released Pure Loop 2 FX liquid cooling systems, the new Pure Loop 2 products differ by using high-speed Pure Wings 3 PWM fans with high static pressure and quiet operation. Among the features of the LSS, the manufacturer highlights a pump that supports PWM control and equips the water block with spectacular ARGB lighting.

    Image source: shut up!

Image source: shut up!

LSS shut up! Pure Loop 2 will be available in four versions with spotlights in standard sizes 120, 240, 280 and 360 mm. The fans used as part of the life support system provide a noise level of up to 36.8 dBA at maximum speed.

As with the Pure Loop series, the Pure Loop 2 LSS’s pump is not located on the water block, but is suspended from hoses. The company notes that the pump is insulated to prevent the transmission of vibrations.

An interesting feature of the Pure Loop 2 cooling systems is the opening for refilling the circuit on the radiator. For this purpose, a 100 ml bottle of coolant is included in the package. According to the manufacturer, it is enough for at least six refueling processes. The Pure Loop 2 LSS water block features a nickel-plated copper base and is compatible with all current Intel and AMD processors.

LSS shut up! Pure Loop 2 will be available on October 10th. The model with 120mm radiator was $99.90/€89.90, the 240mm version was $114.90/€104.90, and the 280mm model was $124.90/€114.90 and the oldest model with 360mm radiator $139.90/€129.90.

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