Battle Royale Continues: Google Counterclaims Epic Games for Breach of Contract and Security Threat

Google has filed a counterclaim against Epic Games in connection with the latest twist in the antitrust battle. The war began in August 2020 after the creators of Fortnite decided to bypass platform fees with their direct payment option, which resulted in the game being removed from Google Play and the App Store.

Source: VGC

Source: VGC

Epic Games filed a lawsuit, “To remove Apple and Google’s anti-competitive restrictions on mobile marketplaces”… She recently lost a battle with the iPhone maker.

Ahead of the trial, Google filed a counterclaim from Epic Games for willful breach of contract. As the first claimed, the Fortnite developer violated the Google Play Product Distribution Agreement (DDA). And, according to Google, Epic Games has unfairly enriched itself at its expense by exploiting a potentially dangerous security vulnerability.

Epic violated these DDA clauses on Aug 13, 2020 by activating its own external payment system with a Fortnite update designed to bypass Google Play billing, – the lawsuit says. – Epic Games’ breach of contract resulted in damage to Google, including the loss of DDA ″ service fees ″ globally, and the Google Play ecosystem suffered as the update potentially exposed a security vulnerability that could be exploited for even more nefarious purposes. “

Apple recently said it would not consider returning Fortnite to the App Store until the legal battle with Epic Games is finalized, which may not happen in a few years.

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