Batteries swell more often in older Samsung smartphones than in

Batteries swell more often in older Samsung smartphones than in devices from other brands

As smartphones age, their batteries age too. While manufacturers have made significant strides in solving this problem in recent years, Samsung doesn’t seem to be doing particularly well. A well-known blogger with a large smartphone collection discovered massive battery surges in the company’s old models.

    Image source: Emiliano Cicero/

Image source: Emiliano Cicero/

The owner of the Mrwhosetheboss YouTube channel, Arun Maini, addressed the issue in detail in his video. It is noteworthy that the blogger’s collection contains literally dozens of smartphones of different years of release, so he had the opportunity to compare the “behavior” of models from other manufacturers. Turns out, battery swelling has been noticed on at least models ranging from the Galaxy S6 (2015) to the Galaxy S10 (2019).

At first, the blogger thought the cause of the swelling was the unseasonable heat that prevailed in London during the summer. However, he later noted that the batteries in the older iPhones, Pixels, and ASUS performed quite well when stored in similar conditions.

Shortly after Arun tweeted about the issue, Samsung officials contacted him and took the devices away for investigation. Two months later, there is still no information from the company.

Meanwhile, Arun received confirmation of the problem from the popular This Is YouTube channel, which also has a large collection of smartphones as well as ordinary users. The problem is reported to affect literally all models released before the Galaxy S20.

According to reports, these are mainly specimens that have not been used for a long time. Older smartphones that are used regularly seem to still work. It is worth remembering that in no case should you try to charge swollen batteries because of the high risk of fire – the battery manufacturers themselves warn about this.

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