Baldurs Gate 3 Developers Release Mintara Fans Patch New

Baldur’s Gate 3 Developers Release Mintara Fans Patch – New Voice Lines, Scenes, And Romance Opportunities

Despite controversial moral principles, the dark elf Mintara has become one of the most popular characters in Larian Studios’ fantasy role-playing game Baldur’s Gate 3. The new patch is largely dedicated to this particular heroine.

    Image Source: Steam (NightLizard)

Image Source: Steam (NightLizard)

Atrocities at Baldur’s Gate 3 have previously been reported “extremely, extremely stupid bug”, which blocks about 1500 lines of the heroine. The fix was not included in the second major patch, but represented an important change fifth patch.

The latest update has not only unlocked previously unavailable lines from Mintara herself, but also comments from other companions about a possible alliance between the protagonist and a ruthless paladin.

    Image Credit: Larian Studios

Image Credit: Larian Studios

In addition, if the protagonist Mintara’s approval level is high enough, the romance with the heroine will continue in the third act, allowing you to deepen your relationship with her and learn more about her past.

Other companions also risk angering Mintara by making love to the user character: “Mintara will not stand by silently while you distance yourself from her, whether for the sake of another party member or [скрыто]».

    Image Credit: Larian Studios

Image Credit: Larian Studios

The patch also brings bug fixes for PS5 (including HDR), fixes for crashes and memory leaks when creating and destroying a large number of objects, as well as improvements for multiplayer, gameplay, UI and other elements.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now for PC (Steam, GOG), macOS and PS5, launching September 6th and coming to Xbox Series X and S before the end of November. Bug.

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