Baidu will replace Googles AI technology in Chinas Samsung

Baidu will replace Google’s AI technology in China’s Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung’s Chinese division and Chinese internet giant Baidu’s cloud division have announced a partnership that will bring Baidu’s Ernie AI chatbot to Galaxy S24 smartphones in China. It offers advanced word processing capabilities, real-time translation of telephone conversations and many other features.

    Image source: Samsung

Image source: Samsung

The updated Samsung Note Assistant, powered by Ernie, now offers text translation and summarization, as well as formatting into more suitable formats. This allows you to quickly convert content into short, clear text at the touch of a button.

With Ernie, Galaxy S24 series smartphones will be able to instantly convert speech to text, detect who is speaking, and translate what is said during phone conversations into a range of languages, helping to break down communication barriers between speakers of different languages Languages.

The Circle to Search feature allows users to search for objects in text, images, audio or video using simple gestures. It will work with Baidu Search to provide fast and accurate search results without leaving the app.

Chen Yifan, vice president of Baidu, promised that the Ernie bot will be used more frequently in the future. He found that Ernie can work really well with different types of data such as text, images, audio and video and can respond to the needs of different users. Baidu’s Ernie 4.0, released last year, is just as powerful as OpenAI’s chatbot, and the chatbot’s audience already exceeds 100 million users.

We would like to remind you that Galaxy S24 smartphones in other regions of the world are equipped with a number of Galaxy AI features based on Google’s Gemini Nano and Gemini Pro AI models. However, Google services are blocked in China, so Samsung had to look for an alternative. In addition to Google Cloud and Baidu AI Cloud, Samsung has named local companies such as WPS, Meitu, etc. as AI partners.

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