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Back at 15: Maisa and Camila Queroz series gets premiere date

Netflix released two posters and the teaser “De Volta aos 15”, a series starring Maisa and Camila Queiroz. The material highlights the dial-up internet era and reveals the attraction’s premiere date. The adaptation of the book by Bruna Vieira arrives for streaming on February 25.

Kind of like “De Repente 30” in reverse, the plot revolves around Anita, who in a moment of crisis with her adult life wishes to be able to change several decisions from the past to have a better life, and from one to another she finds herself back when he was 15 years old.

The protagonist is played by Camila Queiroz in her adult phase and by Maisa in her adolescence.

Determined to enjoy this “De Sudden 15”, she tries to fix the lives of everyone around her: Carol (Klara Castanho), her cousin who is involved with the biggest trash boy in town; Luiza (Amanda Azevedo), her sister who lives trapped in the role of little princess of the city; of César (Pedro Vinicius), his new friend who needs courage to be who he is; and Henrique (Caio Cabral), her nerdy best friend who is secretly in love with her.

But every change Anita makes in the past impacts everyone’s future – and not always for the better.

The series was developed by Janaina Tokitaka (“Spectros”) with production by Glaz Entertainment. There will be a total of six episodes, which will arrive on streaming at some point in 2022.

Back at 15 Maisa and Camila Queroz series gets premiere

Back at 15 Maisa and Camila Queroz series gets premiere


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