Babylon’s Fall creators accused of plagiarizing armor from Final Fantasy XIV, but it turned out to be less dramatic

Babylon’s Fall Producer Yosuke Saito commented on PlatinumGames’ fantasy action uses outfit designs from the multiplayer RPG Final Fantasy XIV.

Image Source: Square Enix

Image Source: Square Enix

Shortly after the end of the third stage of Babylon’s Fall Closed Beta, gamers noticed on the similarity of the armor in the game with the one present in the online hit from Square Enix.

It came to plagiarism allegations, but Saito, in a publication on the Babylon’s Fall community website, assured that there could be no question of any misuse in this case.

According to Saito, Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida, who was present at the Babylon’s Fall presentation, offered to help the team with materials (equipment and gestures) from his game.

“I said, ‘Let’s use the FFXIV resources too. We have so many of them. It would be a shame to limit them to one FFXIV.” Since this all started. I could not have imagined that the topic would become the subject of such heated discussions “Yoshida recalls.

The producer assures that the design of most of the equipment in Babylon's Fall will be unique

The producer assures that the design of most of the equipment in Babylon’s Fall will be unique

Saito apologized for the embarrassment and added that by borrowing from Babylon’s Fall, it was possible to introduce a lot more armor than planned. In this case, the developments of Final Fantasy XIV are involved only up to the average level of equipment.

Babylon’s Fall has no release date yet and is being created for PC (Steam), PS4 and PS5. The project is positioned by publisher Square Enix as a game service with an emphasis on online and extensive post-release support.

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