AYANEO prepares the Flip DS and Flip KB foldable portable

AYANEO prepares the Flip DS and Flip KB foldable portable consoles

Chinese portable console maker AYANEO has announced a pair of new similar devices: Flip DS and Flip KB. They are similar in their foldable form factor and 7-inch displays with a 120Hz refresh rate.

    Image source: Weibo

Image source: Weibo

AYANEO Flip DS clearly owes its name to the once popular portable console Nintendo DS: Both devices are housed in a folding housing and equipped with two displays – the main and the additional display. True, this is where the similarities end, especially since the new device runs on an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor with integrated Radeon 780M graphics, which is used in almost all similar devices on the market today.

The pair’s second product was the AYANEO Flip KB portable console, which replaced the auxiliary display with a physical keyboard between the game controllers. Unfortunately, the market launch of both devices will be delayed. AYANEO prefers to work on a crowdfunding model, which means that they first appear on the Indiegogo platform and organize a fundraising campaign there. Further technical characteristics of AYANEO Flip DS and Flip KB have not yet been specified, and their prices are also unknown.

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