AyaNeo Next 2 is introduced the first portable set top

AyaNeo Next 2 is introduced, the first portable set-top box with discrete Intel Arc or AMD Radeon graphics

AyaNeo has announced another gaming console, AyaNeo Next 2. The main feature can be considered the fact that this is the first portable console that will be equipped with Intel Arc Alchemist or Radeon RX 6000 discrete mobile graphics.

    Image source: AyaNeo

Image source: AyaNeo

The prefix is ​​offered in two basic configurations. Based on Intel Alder Lake series processors and Intel Arc discrete graphics, and based on AMD Ryzen 6000 processors and AMD Radeon RX 6000 graphics.

Detailed technical characteristics of AyaNeo Next 2 have not yet been reported. It is very likely that the Intel-based version will come with an ACM-G11 graphics chip containing 8 Xe cores. For example, the Intel Arc A350M mobile graphics card works based on this GPU. Considering the form factor of the future gadget, this choice seems to be the most optimal. It’s hard to say what’s going into the AMD version, there are a lot more options.

In terms of size, AyaNeo Next 2 will obviously be larger than the AyaNeo 2 or AyaNeo 2 Geek models previously unveiled by the company. It is quite possible that the size of the new console will be comparable to the dimensions of Valve’s Steam Decks. They will also be related to the presence of two trackpads in AyaNeo Next 2.

To date, the range of AyaNeo set-top boxes in 2022 already includes 7 models, not counting the various versions based on AMD and Intel. Keep in mind that this year the manufacturer will launch affordable sub-$300 set-top boxes based on entry-level Intel Alder Lake and AMD Mendocino processors, as well as more powerful models based on Ryzen 6000U (Zen 3+) processors with RDNA 2 based graphics for $650-1000.

Taking into account the declared characteristics, AyaNeo Next 2 will represent the flagship segment of portable game consoles that cost over $1000. When the console will be presented in full, how much it will cost and when it will go on sale, the manufacturer has not yet announced.

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