Avira Antivirus gets an integrated cryptocurrency mining tool

Avira Antivirus gets an integrated cryptocurrency mining tool

Last year, the Norton 360 antivirus application received support for Ethereum’s cryptocurrency mining functionality. A similar tool appeared in Avira Antivirus, which has a user base of approximately 500 million people around the world. Perhaps the reason for the Avira Crypto feature in Avira’s free antivirus program is that the software product is now owned by NortonLifeLock Inc., the American company that owns Norton 360.

Image source: krebsonsecurity.com

Image source: krebsonsecurity.com

Remember that the German company Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1986. She deals with software development and is best known for developing the free antivirus program Avira Free Security (also known as Avira Free Antivirus). In January last year, Avira was taken over by the American company NortonLifeLock. LifeLock, an information security company, was acquired by Symantec Corp. in 2017. In 2019 the company was renamed NortonLifeLock.

Like Norton 360, Avira Antivirus now has a built-in cryptocurrency mining tool. It is not activated by default; users must activate this function themselves if necessary. Little is known about the new feature at this point, and there is little to no explanatory information on the Avira support page. For example, the amount of commission the company receives when customers use the tool for mining is not known. In the case of Norton 360, NortonLifeLock accounts for 15% of the total cryptocurrency generated.

“With Avira Crypto you can use the downtime of your computer to mine the crypto currency Ethereum (ETH). Since mining requires a lot of computing power, it is not suitable for users with average powerful computers. Even with compatible hardware, self-mining cryptocurrency can be less profitable. The best option for you is to join a mining pool that shares power to increase the likelihood of mining cryptocurrency. After that, the remuneration will be distributed evenly to all participants in the pool. “says the Avira support site.


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