Robbie Elmers

Robbie Elmers is a staff writer for Tech News Space, covering software, applications and services.


The Safari browser turns 20 today

Twenty years ago on this day at Macworld Expo 2003, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the world to the Safari browser designed for Mac computers. Back then, Apple advertised Safari as “The fastest web browser ever for Mac”. Image...


Hackers use ChatGPT AI bot to create virus

Since its launch, the AI ​​bot ChatGPT has been tested on a variety of tasks: not only answering questions, but also writing professional articles, essays, poems and computer code. As it turned out, the latter should be carefully observed, since...


LastPass sued for data breach

A resident of the US state of Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against LastPass, which received class action status – in the past year, the service’s resources were hacked twice, even though its administration tried to assure users of the safety...


FTX founder pleads not guilty to fraud

Sam Bankman-Fried, the former head of bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX charged with eight counts of wire fraud and illegal campaign finance, pleaded not guilty at a pretrial hearing the previous day. District Judge Lewis Kaplan granted the...