Australia wants to hold tech giants accountable for fighting disinformation

Australia wants to hold tech giants accountable for fighting disinformation

Australia’s Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) plans to provide internal data from the tech giants on the efforts they are making to combat disinformation on their platforms. Tightening regulation in this segment is expected to help in the fight against knowingly false and misleading data being circulated on the Internet.

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

The regulator has concluded new controls are needed after a study found around 80% of Australians have experienced misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, 76% of the country’s residents believe that online platforms should make more efforts to fight false and misleading content online.

“Digital platforms need to be held accountable for what is on their sites and take action when malicious or misleading content appears.”said Australian Communications Minister Paul Fletcher. It notes that the tightening of regulation in Australia is generally in line with efforts by the European Union to tackle disinformation online.

The ACMA report says Australians are most likely to encounter disinformation on major platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The authors of the study note that disinformation is often spread with the aim of influencing the political situation in the country or sowing discord among the residents of the state. It has also been found that disinformation communities often invite users to join them on platforms with less strict content moderation, such as Telegram. According to the ACMA, such platforms “could pose a threat to the Australian community”.


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